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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  August 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at former eagle irving fryar take a prison plea deal or choose to fight charges against him? we will find out today. a cat that went missing after a house fire finds its way home a local family's amazing story. fifteen years old and already a college graduate? what this little boy really boy has to say about his early success. ♪
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>> most people sent down, quiet part which food and hugs but this boss must have been someone really special because his employees went all out to say good bye coming up in the trend. >> you don't often see that. >> that is kind of cool. >> hey, in fact, i have never seen it. we've gone through a lot of bosses here at fox 29, anyway, fox 29 it is monday august 4th, 20 146789 we think one we have is sticking around for the while. >> we love kerry for her candor. >> that is right. >> we have all been around the block at times. it is usually the opposite. we've got a look at the weather for today. we will start this time with the number of the day, we have select a seven for you today out of ten. we will have warm, sunshine. it won't be excessively hot but it will be pretty warm and humid. you know what they say it is not the heat but it is the the humidity. that is what you'll feel to
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day we will see a pop up or two but they will be isolated. here's ultimate doppler to show you no rain to look at in our neighborhood, we do have the fog though a .3 of a mile visibility in lancaster. pretty foggy around fort dix, 2 miles visibility in millville and plenty of fog in other places. it is 71 degrees with 93 percent relative humidity, barely a breeze at the all, sunrise time is 6:02 this morning. it was an unsettled sunday, and it didn't rain every minute but we only got to 77 degrees because of all of those clouds. eighty-seven is the average high for yesterday's date. so here we are, the the fourth day of august and 86 degrees should be our high temperature so that is closer to average, and mostly sunny, and can't rule out a pop up thunderstorm, wind out of the southwest at 5 miles an hour. is there your monday outlook from the weather authority. lets check with kacie and see what is up. >> this accident cleared from
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the north bound side of i-95 past girard, traffic getting by using left lane but out of your way. upper hanover jerryville pike partially blocked at st. paul's church road out in that area. taking a look at 422, right around route 23 things looking good up there. north and west of the city but as you head into new jersey, foggy. we will have more on that many company up next, chris. police say a shooting victim crashed his car after being shot in the city's west oak lane neighborhood. police say the shooter opened fire on a car near seventh first and georgeian streets. a male driver later crash at cheltenham and pine ridge streets. he was injured in his leg no word on his condition. a female passenger was struck in her legs and taken to the hospital in stable condition n word on the shoot they are morning but our jennifer joyce will have a live report from the scene at 5:30. overnight house fire in olney send a 60 year-old woman to the hospital. it broke out at 2:30 this morning on the 300 block of west ashdale street. crews were able to get things under control in fewer then 30
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minutes. she's expect to be okay but no word on a cause. it is decision day for former philadelphia eagles wide receiver irving fryar, today we are learning whether that retired nfl star will accept a plea deal in connection with the mortgage scheme allegedly involving both him and his mom. steve keeley live at the courthouse in mount holly with the details, steve. >> reporter: here we go, excited for a new nfl season but yet here we go again with another head line today, with one of the games top long time greats for off the field stuff and a in a courtroom trouble. irving fryar former eagle and local high school star here in the same town he is supposed to be in this court house today mount holly will be soon in the state prison for up to five years. back in june the state judge here gave fryar new 51 years old until today to decide to accept a guilty plea deal that comes with that five-year prison term for that mortgage fraud with his own mother where they are charged with
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getting, five different mortgage loans within six days, for the same willingboro house that she lived in five years ago. getting $690,000 cash total from those five banks, each bank did not the know the other was being applied for and not told of all of the other loans in that same week and, new jersey state attorney general says that fryar pocketed 200,000 bucks from this scheme. banks each thought it had lean on fryar's mom's loan but eventually all five wrote the loans off as losses, and the state charged after fryar quickly closed on all five loans before all five were recorded and banks finally found out they were all duped. if fry ar accepts this plea deal and five-year prison sentence his 72 year old mother charged with him will get no prison time just probation f not both go to trial and both could face up to ten years prison time each. on the loan applications the the state charged fryar and his mom lived in and got by saying that she had a job at
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fryar's mount holly church where he is the pastor and said that she was paid thousands each month to plan events there. that was in the true the the state says. fryar and his mom's loan blame a levittown mortgage broker. he has pleaded guilty in the same case. chris and kerry, he got a 20 month sentence. fryar may be arguing he has the the bigger name and makes him bigger target and that will get him a bigger prison sentence. he had to clout there but this guy 20 months he may soon be out before fryar goes into prison if he accepts this deal. >> we will see what happens, steve, thanks. 5:06. six philadelphia narcotics officers charged in the major corruption probe will be in court today. a judge will deciding whether or not the men will remain behind bars pending their trials, or set bail, the defendants have been housed in the philadelphia federal detention center since their arrest last week. they are accused of stealing cash and drugs worth more than half million dollars. all six have been suspended from the force, of course, with intent to dismiss.
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police are calling the death of the mother of two, suspicious, a delaware county woman was found yesterday morning with the towel over her face and her car gone. >> family members identified woman as 38 year-old massaka griffin, her body was discover at a home in the seven you this block of emerson street in upper darby. friends say police have been called to the home numerous times for domestic disputes, and police are now looking for griffin's boyfriend and griffin has just gotten a restraining order against. he is only being called a person of interest though at this point. meanwhile her family is trying to cope with their loss. >> that was my everything, you know what i mean. that was my everything. i could call my mom, everything. that was my everything. >> she was a wonderful loving person and a child of god. god first and foremost in her life. she loved her kids, she loved her family she loved her career. >> griffin had just graduated from delaware community college, with a nursing degree. police haven't released how
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she died, meanwhile, her loved ones plan to hold a vigil tonight to honor her life. a philadelphia father is charged in connection with the death of a two month-old infant, police say 20 year-old brian armstrong is responsible for injuries to little hasan armstrong, the child was rush to the hospital on friday with rib and head injuries, the baby died yesterday. the father is charged with aggravated assault, in word on whether those charges could be upgraded in light of the baby's death. an investigation is underway in the death of the one year-old from wilmington shown on this go fund me page. torres died friday after being taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries according to the delaware on line. the girl's mother blamed an unidentified day care provider but cause of the injury has in the been determined. three people hurt over weekend when somebody opened fire at a cook out in north philadelphia it happened just before midnight on saturday night on the 3300 block of smedley. witnesses say an argument started when the the gun man inappropriately touched a
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woman there. another woman moved into resolve the situation and witnesses say the man then punch her in the face and fired several shots. a 25 year-old woman is in the hospital in stable condition. we're working to learn how the others are doing as well. 5:09. the situation in the middle east continuing to escalate. israeli air strike killed militant leader in the gaza strip today, this is just hours ahead of the expected seven hour truce announced bias rail. this was meant to open up a humanitarian window for aid. u.n. officials say more than three-quarters of the dead in the war have been civilians and that includes ten people killed yesterday at a u.n. school right along the gaza strip. many were there seeking refuge. taking a look at your inadequacies headlines a 40 year-old oregon woman ace rested for murder and attempted murder of her two children. jessica smith was taken into custody yesterday, police say that she checked in the surf and sand resort last wednesday, with her two daughters. well, smith went in missing on
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friday. this is after her two-year old was found dead and her 13 year-old was injured. >> it's peers she was in the area have of highway 26 since friday, august 1st. the father's family wanted to release the following statement. our family is working through a very difficult time and we would request our privacy be respected. >> smith is set to be arraigned later this afternoon. all right. coming up at 5:10. a 15 year-old tennessee boy has accomplished ape major milestone in life. he has graduated from college. he have is 15. >> this will make you feel badly about yourself. the teen graduated from the university of memphis in september and now he is off to stanford, university. his parents say that they knew he was gifted by the time he reached first grade. at the age of ten, with an off the chart iq he found himself sitting in a college algebra class. that turned into a full enrollment and bachelor's
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degree. >> it is best but if you keep acting normal so you just fine other people who you can relate to and then be your self with them. >> the teen got his degree in mathematics and graduated, with honors. aaron... anyway i will move on. >> the name on the bottom there. >> jumpled words there in the end of the script and in the sure what it will say, so we will move on. >> one thing he is 15, he looks like he is 25. >> he does. >> my kiddies such an and chiefer, she's 17 and just a senior in high school. i just dropped my clicker. >> you threw it in difficulties tane. >> love you sweety. luckily she's sleeping. upper 70's our high at the beach. thinks our shore cast westerly breeze 59 miles an hour.
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74-degree surf temp. is there a maryland rate risk of rip currents and that is a major effect of tropical storm berta is increased risk of rip tides. be very careful if this is your vacation this week on the atlantic beaches because it could be pretty hair toy swim. so 86 degrees today. ninety tomorrow. wednesday once we get those thunderstorms we will get in the upper 80's. it will cool things off and most importantly take away humidity for the end of the week and weekend. it looks like we're back to a decent weekend and that long stretch we had have of spring and summer maybe we will be back in the groove, kacie. maybe, can it be warm in the studio while at it. north bound side of 495 at 95 we have construction blocking two left lanes in the southern split. eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge right lane blocked patco track replacement that will be stay with us for a while. bridgeport westbound side of the commodore barry bridge between toll plaza and ninth
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street one lane blocked there. >> is there so much sas in the studio. >> it is just always coldy know. >> how about this, family fear their beloved cat may have been gone forever after this devastating house fire, but today they could not be more thankful, how t
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out of the tram difficult comes a sign of hope. a huge fire on guess inner street in southwest philadelphia, killed four little children. it wiped out close to a dozen home. now is there reason to smile for one family who lost
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almost everything. they thought that their beloved cat was gone forever but that is not the case. family thought the the cat was missing but it turns out he didn't go very far. dave kinchin has this family's happy ending. >> reporter: he jumps around like a normal house cat without missing a beat. >> he is a stress reliever for me. i mean his purring, and his loving on me all the time. >> reporter: stress was high for tina marie shaw after last month's deaf devastating fire on guess inner street in southwest philadelphia separated him from his family. >> that is all we have been talking about since we lost our home or whatever i just wanted my cat back. >> reporter: it took lives of four children and destroyed several houses including tina marie's. >> it busted a window and busted a dining room window and went straight out the back just like a bomb. >> reporter: she got her family out safely but could not find blake anywhere. >> that to me is one of my kids were lost, abe i could not find them. it is like my baby.
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>> reporter: couple days ago she was on speaker phone with an old neighbor when she said blame popped up on the neighbor's porch. >> i was calling him and he was like meow, i said my mommies coming to get you. >> reporter: she contacted red paw relief team that gave blake a look. >> we got him up to dayton vaccinations and general wellness. >> reporter: these pictures were snapped when red paw returned blake to the gang. >> this is one of the longest missing animals that has come back. >> reporter: shaw's are in a new home and can truly begin again. >> it is like my family is complete, you know, until basically blake is back. >> red paw relief team believes blake may have hung around stray cats in the neighborhood nerd to survive. >> in three years of doing their work red paws founder says it has been one of the longest time a pet has been ever separated from their owner. coming up at 5:18. monday morning for your health the cheese cake factory is
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known for appetizer, to dessert. >> yes. >> exactly. >> well, we do make a distinction these days, right. competition hosted by center for science and public interest found that the results of this extreme eat ago wards, cheese cake factory makes the list yet again. they took home three of the nine wins, in quotations by the way for unhealthy food. it is brulet french toast that comes in at a whooping 2780 calories. >> my gosh. >> 93 grams of saturated fat. >> my gosh. >> that means it would take seven hours of swimming to burn those calories off. not just seven hours of walking but seven hours of swimming. >> awful. >> our kids should get an annual physical before heading back to school but making sure our eyes are healthy is also important. there is tests for kids as young as a day old. >> children often don't know when they have a problem seeing so it is important for parents, teachers and caregivers to look out for indications.
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>> blink ago lot, squinting, red eyes, rubbing your eyes, tiering any of those things can be symptoms of needing glasses, blurred vision or sometimes more severe things. >> growing use of tablets and computers is impacting eye sight. doctors say prolong up close reading may cause damage. we have all heard a way to a man's hearties through his stomach which is why a new study reveals that married men are father then their single counterparts. research shows that the men change their eating habits after tying the knot, married men consume more cakes, cookies and other sweets while walking down the aisle. they typically are more thin. once married comfort level between a man and his spouse. speaking of marriage anybody who has planned a wedding knows how overwhelming it can be, even more so with the world of social media where keeping up with the generalses can take on a life of its own. fox's alycia aconna looks at
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the overload that comes with the vows of the 21st century. >> sure, social media and on line boards can be a huge help for newly engage. >> i didn't know i wanted this. >> reporter: brittany moran is getting married in october. >> it goodies for ideas but i can see how easily people can get wrapped up in it. >> reporter: what starts as a simple idea search leads to bigger, and bigger impressions. next thing you know a cozy meeting transforms into a enormous budget busting event. >> maybe produce four or $500 but bride showing it to me has 125 to 100 maybe. >> reporter: kerry butler international wedding planner says large part of her job toys manage expectations. get trick y when social media turns a bride to be into a want to be. >> that is the the kardashian effect, so living in the closets of the kardashian and living in the weddings of celebrities is challenging.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: singer kelly clarkson used this photo, also on this site as a wedding as a ranch in california. >> what they wanted to do was take a picture with the the cow. >> reporter: tone hoy doesn't own a cell phone says while the internet explosion was a appreciated, he spends a lot of time telling brides what they are getting themselves into. >> this is country not country club. you will have mosquitoes, we will have some flies. >> nothing says romance like mosquitoes and flies. that was fox's alycia aconna reporting. you can avoid all that and just not look at the pictures. they are masters of creating our own drama. >> pinterst is eighth to get idea but if you let that put pressure on you, then, come on. >> that is why they should just z ip and said whatever
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you want. >> there is that. >> so keep it simple and lets look at the forecast. the let's just deal with today. it is monday. for some of us that is all we can deal with. it is muggy out there. it is definitely an air conditioning kind of a day. 69 degrees walking out the door. that is average temperature throughout the region. we will be seeing some sunshine but we have areas of fog out there, so be prepared for that. hazy sunshine, and warm, humid with pop up then are storms, possible but just a very few isolated ones, not everybody will see one today. it is 86 degrees for a high later on, kacie. >> thanks very much, sue. all right. we will talk about one incident this morning down tree upper hanover jerryville pike at st. paul's church road. good news that is only incident you need to war bit coming up in a little bit, not all bosses get a fun heart warming send off when they step down but this boss, must have been pretty special, his employees went all out to make sure he knew he would be truly missed. we will have that coming up in the trend
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>> the market isn't looking as good as ge o political concerns in israel and ukraine and, of course, backing issues
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in europe continue to grow. stocks falling for second day on friday giving the market worst week in two years. on friday s and p500 index, excuse me, lost five and a half points closing at 1925. dow jones fell 70 points to 16,400. and that is on top of the 300-point drop at the index haddon thursday. nasdaq fell 17 points, to 4300, and looking at the week ahead commerce department issuing international trade data for june on wednesday. a program for providing a escape for prisoners lock behind bars you could say. they have formed a music band. as part of the rehabilitation program for inmates in california. many of them have been in jail for decades and will never leave but their passion for music on to younger inn mates. >> we're away. we're gone. we're off when we're playing, you know what i mean. it doesn't matter where we are at. we could be here or on the streets but when we're playing we're all in the same spot.
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>> the state sponsored program allows for inmates to participate if they have been on good behavior since entering prison. 5:27 right now. meet a lady, this is a dog, she walks 30 miles to try to find a forever home from one house to the next looking for her family. how her journey for love is finally landing her, a happy ♪ the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add. introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. and right now you can get a free medium sized shakin' flavor fries at mcdonald's when you purchase any large sandwich thursday august 7th through august 9th. so you better get shakin'.
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what started out as a double shooting in west oak lane ended with a car crash here in cheltenham township, two victims transported to einstein medical center. we will have a full report coming up next, chris. okay, the water situation is improving in ohio but residents still cannot drink it. what is believed to be causing the toxic conditions. and then a veteran returns from overseas and greeted with a new home, how his neighbor pulled together to give him this amazing gift. >> time right now 5:30 and 30 seconds, good day, it is monday, august 4th, 204. every second counts when you are racing outside the door. >> especially at this hour, sue. weather over the weekend was not the best. little bit of rain and depending where you are, a lot of rain. things every hot and humid to day, the the sky looks you can see it looks hazy out there. >> hazy, lot of moisture in the air, relative humidity
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around 93 percent. we sent bus stop buddy back to summer camp right by the lake there. it is kind of cloudy. we have got muggy conditions. there is fog around as well but you will need sun screen, later on, now weather by the numbers for today is a seven out of ten, warm sunshine, not too, too hot not in the mid 90's or anything, mid 80's is what we are expecting but we will have high humidity and afternoon shower or two, isolated shower or two. nothing to show through on ultimate doppler radar, in precipitation but we have fog that we're dealing with this morning and more of it with half mile visibility in wilmington, delaware, millville, new jersey and now in atlantic city international. even less than that in lancaster. it is still kind of foggy up around fort dix, reduced visibility in allentown. 71 degrees. 93 percent relative humidity. sun vice happening at 6:02. eighty-six is the high. partly sunny, a stray shower
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later in the day possibly and then tonight we are down to 68 degrees. it will be another muggy one. we have got your weather authority forecast here, and here's traffic with kacie. >> taking a look at route 37 at route 30 in water ford township lots of fog this morning. lots of people on the road and not causing any huge slow downs. upper hanover down tree taking out jerryville pike, crews trying on get that out of the way around south paul church road and you will have some construction going on in ukeeland township westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike passed downingtown, right lane block right now, back to you. we have breaking news, multiple gunshots ring out in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. a man was injured, a woman was also in the car. police say later crashed after being shot herself. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live from cheltenham with the aftermath, good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning. that is right we're at crash scene at cheltenham avenue and pine ridge road. this is vehicle that crashed,
5:33 am
and aftermath and home owner here is trying to help police clean up the site before this vehicle is towed from this scene. lots of bullet holes on the driver side of the vehicle. police say the the car was shot up with a man and woman inside along the 7100 block of georgeian road in the west oak lane section of the city. the 25 year-old woman was transported to einstein, she was in stable condition and she is talking with detectives right now, the man, a 29 year-old, drove up, after a he was shot and made it about a mile before crashing here at cheltenham avenue and pine ridge road. police say that the man is listed in critical condition leg and lower torso and it is unclear who fired the weapon and why. we do know victim lived in the area where the shooting occurred and there were shots fired in the same area last week. it is unclear whether or not the two shootings could be related, kerry and chris. >> we will wait to see, okay, jennifer joyce live for us, thank you.
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5:34 right now. three siblings kill in the carjacking in north philadelphia will be laid to rest today. funeral services are scheduled for 11:00 in the seventh day church on oxford avenue. fifteen year-old kiera williams, ten year-old josephl3 read and seven year-old terence moore died july 25th when two men driving a stolen car crashed into a fruit stand that the children had been selling produce from. they were trying to raise money for their church. their mother was one of three other victims injured in that crime spree, she remains in the hospital. philadelphia narcotics officers charged in the major corruption probe will be in court later today. judges deciding whether they will remain behind bars, pending their trials, or you may set bail. defendants have been housed in the philadelphia federal detention center since their arrests last week. they are accused of stealing cash and drugs worth more than a half million dollars. all six have been suspended from the force with the intent to dismiss. upper darby dad accused of punching a man inside a wawa
5:35 am
is due in court. a preliminary hearing is set for gary edwards. edwards turned himself into police last week after surveillance video of him was released to the public. he is accused of assaulting a man he says was just kind of checking out his daughter. a hit and run suspect is identified in the crash that injured a pedestrian in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood. shecara jones is facing four charges related to this incident that happened saturday on eighth and allegheny avenue. police say that jones reversed her car after initially hitting the victim and then took off after hitting an empty car. the victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. and a philadelphia police officer dragged through olney while trying to nab a suspect. this happened overnight saturday into sunday and at nedrow and widener street. the officer was responding to a robbery call. he noticed a man in the area and asked him to stop. well that man didn't. police say the suspect jumped in a car and pulled away with the officer still holding on.
5:36 am
the officer managed to free himself, he has a couple of minor scrapes. that is good. the suspect though is still on the loose. 5:36. a solder injured in afghanistan, comes home to a hero's welcome, and a brand new home, how a community is coming together, for a man who showed incredible bravery on the battle field, kacie? and a beloved ceo gets a good bye party of a life time. his employees wanted him to know that he was truly
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heavy rain caused a mud slide in forest falls, california. the san bernardino mountains in southern california. a then are storm moved through yesterday causing a local creek to overflow. crews rescued one person from that creek but it is unknown if there are any injuries related to this. mud flows are even threatening homes near the creek but residents have not been evacuated at this point. 5:39. water tests are resuming in toledo, ohio where about 400,000 people have been told not to drink from their tap. the residents have been relying on bottled water since saturday after a toxin possibly from lake erie was found in their water supply. officials say can cause a couple of issues particularly with those with medical conditions. >> people with very sensitive skin may in the want to shower at this point because it can be irritating. the only other recommendation as we talk about earlier is it may cause some liver issues.
5:40 am
>> governor has ordered the state's national guard to deliver bottled water, water purification systems, and ready to eat meals to affect residents until they figure out what is going on. >> the atlantic city, new jersey, lets take a live look as they are waking up, sue, to some cloudy conditions. is that also some fog they are dealing with, sue. >> hazy, yeah. there is fog all over the the place. we had a report and we will check in a moment for atlantic city international but that is, of course, beach side right there along the boardwalk but you cannot see the fog on ultimate doppler, fog is the cloud offer the ground. but there is no precipitation. you see .3 of a mile at the airport in atlantic city. it looks like sunnies trying to burn through that fog. we have reduced visibility in millville, wilmington, lancaster we are sock in this morning 56789 miles visibility at philly international at the the moment. temperatures, 71 degrees in philadelphia, upper 60's just
5:41 am
about every where else. sixty-two in mount pocono. it is muggy out there with dew points in the upper 60's, and that means we are in the uncomfortable stage, approaching oppressive out there. so it will be pretty warm and humid. our unsettled weekend gave us highs in the upper 70's both days, 77 degrees, exactly, 87 is the average high so both days of the weekend we were 10 degrees below average. no excessive heat, until tomorrow. it is 87 is the normal high. ninety what we are expecting bug just a one day special with the 90 degrees because we will get thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday, and then that means, lower humidity on thursday, friday, and saturday and sunday are looking pretty good, not nearly as unsettled as what we saw last week even, kacie. >> not too bad, thanks. 495 at bellevue road north and east of wilmington. sue said stacked in with fog, hazy out there this morning. taking a look at majors things
5:42 am
moving just fine, lots of green to look out for which goodies news, chris. >> how about this good news meet lady the dog that walked 30 miles to find a forever home. how her journey for love is finally landing this pooch a happy
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning, i'm howard eskin. the eagles will be playing a football game, that is right this week, friday night in chicago, football. another big day for birds and
5:45 am
the fans yesterday. yesterday over 20,000 fans, saw eagles open practice at the link. camp there is always competition. we know who the starting quarterback will be. it will be nick foles. don't tell that to the backup matt barclay. >> i don't even know if i can define who my battle is against right now but i do have that mind set of that something could be taken from me so you do have to fight for it. >> another bad day at ballpark for the fill is. cole hamels, great game yesterday, seven innings, one unearned run because codey ashe the made an error in the third. actual made two but they only counted one of them. that led to an earned run. kenny giles gave up three in the eighth. but, extrasberg, steven extrasberg terrific two strike outs against chase utley and washington beat fill his to nothing. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. coming up at 5:46 on this monday morning for you. an american missionary infect with the ebola virus is
5:46 am
expect to leave liberia tomorrow. this comes after a doctor also infected with the virus arrived in atlanta over the weekend. nancy wrightbull will join kent brantly at emery university hospital. brantly was able to walk out of an ambulance on his own saturday and his wife says his condition is improving. there is no known cure for ebola the cdc says it is possible to contain the virus keeping from it spreading further. >> the the plan is, we can stop it. we can stop it from spread nothing hospitals and we can stop it in have africa where is the the source of the epidemic. >> the mortality rate for ebola is extremely high if not properly treated. veterans, neighbors and lining up in florida to line up to sergeant justin barnett and his new family, in their new home obtained with help from the entire town. fox's darryl mayo has the story. >> reporter: suggestion justin barnett left palm bay to
5:47 am
enlist in the army where he was sent to afghanistan to fight in the war. he returns, without the use of his lower legs but to a community, that fully intend on standing behind him. a nearly mile long motorcade was cheered by hundreds of patriotic support tours greet a critically injured solder back home. army sergeant justin barnett lost both of his lower legs when his seven man unit was hit with the rocket attack last year in afghanistan. he has been able to walk for past two months. >> it is touching, to say here, the passion you have for the military and you served well. >> two, three... >> wow. >> reporter: community leaders, volunteers, fellow veterans gathered to watch the purple heart recipient receive a gift from the city of palm bay a completely renovated foreclosure home to accommodate the the double amputee's needs. ramped entry ways, wider doors, and grab handles in the bathroom. >> that is what is amazing about this community, the people make sure that when
5:48 am
veterans come home and when we come home we are taken care of. >> it is just great, awesome. a lot of community don't september their vet like this. >> reporter: house was purchased with $45,000 of fund recaptured through a federal neigh hide stabilization grant. the the barnett family is required to stay here at least 15 years and if they do, they will own it free and clear. >> it is an amazing feeling. >> reporter: the the city has another 1.7 million remaining when think say will get to future injured veterans just like justin. >> it is great that they will help 20 or 30 other guys, it is best part bit. >> reporter: he has yet to go through medical boards which will determine his percentage of the disability but he says he wants to stay in the army and continue to serve, if they let him. and train to become a drill sergeant. in palm bay, darryl may o, "fox news". all right. 5:48. bosses, sometimes they get a bad rap but a beloved ceo
5:49 am
moving on from his company gets a huge surprise send off. >> in today's trend kacie shows us who you this executive was shown the love, kacie. >> he was. i guess he made a big impact after 11 years on the job on the on line retailer net horder, mark, showed up at the office thinking it was just a normal day but he showed up to a crowd of cheering well wishers last month. workers used the cover of the new hit single the man to sent him off in style. >> ♪ offices in new york, new jersey, hong kong, shanghai and charleston join in the joint celebration. >> they must all be paid really well. >> they must be. >> they are excited. >> maybe the vending machines are free. >> something. >> something like that. >> all right, kacie, thank you
5:50 am
g to see. actor bill murray will lend his voice to the adoption of the jungle book. murray will voice blue, scarlet johann son and christopher walken have signed on to voice characters. the the production set for release next october. this is insane, tara reid, you know her, she's capitalizing on the phenomenon of sharknato. she's releasing a perfume, inspired from the film, called shark by tara. >> she's selling it for less than 25 bucks from her web site no word what it smells like but i can take a few guesses. >> yes. >> i love you kerry barrett. >> 5:50 is the time. a unique way to -- is tara reid april artist would you say. >> something like that. >> unique way to promote their artwork. inside refurbished cigarette machines.
5:51 am
the company called auto matt is behind the machines. there are 120 across the country. for five bucks customers can purchase palm sized pieces of arts. there is an element of surprise with each and everyone of these. the man behind the machine says that is what makes it so special for the buyer. >> it can vary from piece to piece so that makes it very personal for the buyer, because they are getting something that is just for them. >> although businesses hosting the machines get a percentage they say the goal, it is to help artists. >> very good. >> okay 567:89:51 right now. sue, what do you got for us. >> we went into our vending machine and we select humidity, we selected some heat but we also decided to give you a break by the end of the week. you can see a lot of clouds and it is muggy out there and we do have some areas of fog, but this afternoon will be hazy sunshine, warm, humid, cannot rule out a pop up thunderstorm, it is summertime
5:52 am
after all. we will say that pretty much every single day. today is no exception. for the middle will of the week thunderstorms on wednesday, and less humid after that. so, something to look forward to and once again the theme of this summer, kacie, no extended periods of heat and humidity. we can take a day or two here and there we're strong. >> how do you like them apples. >> yeah. >> thank you. all right. going over the majors. you are funny. everything looks good. you don't have any accident. just some construction. we will talk about that coming up next, kerry. >> kacie, thank you 567:89:52. meet lady, the dog that walked 30 miles to find a forever home, how her journey for love is finally landing her a happy ending.
5:53 am
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we'd love for to you come down to our studios during good day this friday august 8th. help you stuff the bus. we are partnering with the united way and cade tolls crayons to collect and stuff 22,000 backpacks and school supplies. all typical stuff, pens, pencils, loose leaf paper, and backpacks of course. so bring what you can this friday right down to fourth and market between 7:00 and 10:00 we will all be out there. new venture first of its kind in 50 years was constructing a new rail link between two major cities. all aboard florida plans to add one hundred mile an hour
5:56 am
passenger trains connecting miami to orlando. it will be the first privately own, privately run passenger rail service nationwide, in decades. >> people are telling us they want to live and work in the city centers. we are developing properties that deliver a again to that desire and people want an alternative to using their private cars and trains provide that alternative. >> if pass he canner rail does return to florida the trains would be on the track, they are thinking in about two years. so this is an amazing dog tail. kansas pooch new has a home sweet home after a long search for a forever family this aging labrador retriever named lady had been searching for a place, to stay since her owner died in 2012. she was adopted twice but she return once and managed to escape her second family. she traveled 30 miles back to the first family that has had her and return her but they
5:57 am
still could not keep her so they sent her back to the shelter. her story made rounds on the internet and she has got pretty nice digs in the florida animal sanctuary owned by the heiress of the wrigley gum company. she actually sent fur lady after hearing her story on facebook. >> i know. >> a local little league team is reaching for the the stars as they keep getting closer. how taney dragons little league team is doing in their race to get to the little league world series. our steve keeley is live following a case of the former eagle in trouble with the law, steve? >> reporter: well, yeah you could say this athlete reaching a new low and with nfl teams all back in training camps, one former nfl great may be headed to a new jersey prison camp, irving fryar grew up in mount holly, now 51, he is sets to tell a judge here in the mount holly burlington county plea deal offering him and his mom that comes with five years in prison for fry
5:58 am
ar if not he and mom who would just get probation in the the plea deal would get double the just get probation in the the plea deal would get double the time, up
5:59 am
6:00 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at unimaginable grief as a community mourns the loss of three young lives. their mother still in the hospital, weeks after two men allegedly stole a car, and then crashed it into this family.


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